The past 2 weeks

Oh hi, I didn’t see u there, well since you’re here I might as well tell you what we have been doing in the classroom. First: ROBOTICS!!!!!!!!! In science, we have been doing robotics which is where we use hummingbird open snap and make codes. The first challenge was the 10-meter challenge. The second challenge was the maze challenge. The third challenge was the autonomous challenge. Now we are learning about food webs for 10 days.  


Next for reading and writing, we have been signing up for book clubs or making them me and some for the kids in my class made an alan gratz book club and we will be reading resist. Last week this person came in for mock Newberry and talk about Newberry his name is sam he had worked for the Newberry committee. At the moment I am reading Prisoner B-3078 by Alan Gratz at my house then, here at school, I am reading Resist by Alan Gratz. Earlier this week we had connections which is where you can join a group or lead one, me and my friends Myles and Aryan are leading a Minecraft group.


Finally: MOCK NEWBERY!!!!! In ELA we can sign up for this thing called mock Newbery. That is where we select 10 of the Newbery books then we read the 10 that are selected and ever 2 weeks we meet in groups of the books that we read. So far I have read New kid, Guts and shouting at the rain. The group that I went to was the new kid and guts group.

So what do you think comment about what you think about what you like about the past 2 weeks and stay tuned for more in the next couple weeks and make sure you read my gaming blog. my gaming blog