my story

Hello, my name is Hunter. Am 10 years old and I have 2 dogs and 1 cat, here are top ten things about me

(1) I love to listen to music

(2) I play lots, lots and lots of Minecraft and pretty much all video games besides little kid games 

(3) My dog’s names are Brutus and creek my cat’s name is Simeon (we call him sim for short)

(4) My favourite YouTubers are grian, mumbo jumbo, iskall85 and prestonplays

(5) I have all the PlayStations 

(6) The dog that I have before Brutus and creek I had a black lab her name was Eve 

(7) My favourite book is Percy Jackson and the lightning thief 

(8) My favourite series is Percy Jackson and the Olympians 

(9) I like drawing Minecraft things from video’s 

(10) In almost all my usernames have aellix in the username (i might change it to helix savage)

That is my story I hope you enjoyed