The begging blog

Hello, world! Welcome to the first blog post for my learning blog, later I plan to have a gaming blog, but this is for my learning blog, not a gaming blog. I am Hunter L and for this blog, I will be talking about what happens in my personal classroom and what activities my awesome teacher named Ms.Harrod  plans for us.


Now are you excited here are some more things that we have done this year, in the mornings Ms.H reads a book about bullying called restart it was written by Gordan Korman and for iRead I am reading scary stories to tell in the dark, fearsome creatures of the lumber woods and me and my friend Aryan are reading breakout and at my house I am reading a book called scythe. We have a time where we can do whatever we want if it moves are a dot in reading or writing.


For math, we have been adding and subtracting decimals and doing whiteboard review’s witch is were Mr. Famer gives us math problems and we have to add them. For science, We are learning about consumers, producers, and decomposers.¬†


I hope that you have enjoyed reading my first blog post stay tuned for more post and for my gaming blog